What to Expect

First Visit


The Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapy takes place in a quiet room on a cushioned table. Warm linens are used to drape you at all times for complete modesty. Only the area being worked on is exposed. You may choose to undress completely or wear underwear during a full body massage.


Therapeutic Medical Massage techniques use a variety of pressures. Gentle touch calms the nervous system and releases tension in superficial muscles. Deeper work on specific areas is done as needed. A soothing lotion is often used.


Therapeutic Medical Massage works with the body’s natural healing abilities. You should be comfortable and understand what you are experiencing during the session. Please report any discomfort or ask questions at any time.


Most sessions last an hour. A half hour of work on specific areas such as the back, neck or shoulders is effective for relieving tension or soothing overworked muscles. Ninety minute sessions are available by special request.


Most people feel very relaxed after a therapeutic medical massage. They often experience increased well-being and an ease that can last for days. Each massage session can be a step toward optimum health.


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