Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapy is a soft tissue therapy suitable for those who are in pain, stressed, or simply need to relax. 


  • Provide relief from tension headaches, shoulder and neck pain
  • Lessen symptoms of workplace stress or poor ergonomics
  • Prevent muscle and tendon injuries
  • Improve recovery from injury and sports
  • Relieve physical and mental stress and strain

Our Approach:

Our Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapy service includes a range of techniques from Neuromuscular Therapy to Aromatherapy which may be used to fulfill your treatment needs after consultation with you. Using a variety of modalities within One session is an extremely powerful way of assisting the healing of the body. Read more about our wide variety of Massage Therapy approaches here.

We recommend a 60 Minute session to start with, and will offer a treatment plan after discussing your needs. 

tHERAPEUTIC mEDICAL Massage Therapy Success Stories: 

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