Releasing issues from your tissues...

How we can help you

body and mind relaxation

Release the stress and strain of modern life. Relax your body and mind with our range of gentle massage therapy approaches

increased energy

Minimize anxiety, restlessness and improve sleep quality. Massage therapy helps positive hormone production and lessens muscle fatigue

Improved circulation

Increase your circulation and lymph node drainage (detoxification) through massage therapy or use of our Far-infrared Sauna

injury and sports recovery

We have a variety of massage therapy options to improve muscle recovery and scar tissue elasticity

Prevention of muscle and tendon injuries

When your body is regularly treated by a massage therapist, it is less likely to get muscle, join or bone injury. 

Relief from headache, shoulder and neck pain

A natural approach to pain relief. Release muscle tension and joint stiffness with a therapeutic massage

Whether you are in pain, stressed or simply need to relax - our Massage Therapy and Far-infrared Sauna services are for you.

Our Massage Therapy service includes a range of techniques from Neuromuscular Therapy to Aromatherapy which may be used to fulfill your treatment needs after consultation with you. Using a variety of modalities within one session is an extremely powerful way of assisting the healing of the body. We recommend a one hour session to begin with, and will offer a treatment plan after discussing your needs.

An expression of care...


A full hour of massage by an experienced and dedicated professional

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