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Sense of Balance
Isabelle C. Lovell
Licensed Massage Therapist
7 Raymond Street, Hudson, NH 03051

Sense of Balance

Voted “Best Massage Therapist
of Greater Nashua”

“After having many years of significant discomfort in my back, I am grateful to have found a great chiropractor and a wonderful massage therapist. By consistently using the services of Dr. Brandon Linatsas of Nashua Family Chiropractic for 2 years in concurrence with bodywork from Isabelle Lovell, LMT of Sense of Balance, I have achieved better health and consistently easier movement of my body.”

                                                               — Joan T.
Litchfield, NH

“Isabelle Lovell was an engineer for many years before she became a massage therapist. Consequently, she approaches her work like a scientist, yet at the same time as a healer, looking for new techniques and applying them to her already prodigious knowledge of the body. Isabelle will work with you to help you understand your body and conquer your pain. She will listen to you and listen to your body. If you only want one area addressed she will comply, but I strongly suggest that you also listen to her because she can for instance, relieve a spasm on your neck by massaging a finger, a thumb and a few spots on your feet, avoiding the tender and resistant muscles directly. Massage therapy, Reflexology, Myofascial Release — Hudson, Nashua, Windham

I have been to other massage therapists and there is no one like her. Isabelle is an artist. Do not expect the same massage every time. She has taught me that the body is a complex organism that defies rote or repetition. Do expect to be amazed by how revitalized you will feel afterward.”

— D. Saenz
Los Angeles, CA

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