Improve tissue recovery with the Graston Technique

Massage Techniques

What is the Graston Technique?

The Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. It is one of a number of manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scraping the skin gently.

Graston Technique incorporates a patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables Isabelle to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function. Graston Technique has been effective in the treatment of: Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Inflammation benefits the injury by increasing the rate and amount of blood flow, initiating the healing process of the affected tissues. By using the Graston Technique to break down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions caused by soft tissue trauma, therapists are able to reduce patient pain and increase function.


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