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Massage Therapy Testimonials: “Best Massage Therapist” in Hudson, Nashua, Windham

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I recommend Isabelle to anyone who is experiencing pain due to over exercising
I had a extreme case of stiffness in my neck and within a few hours I felt like me again. She is very professional and explains all that is going on while she relieves the pain.

— Don Hammer

Isabelle is far and away the best of the half dozen or so massage therapists I have been to. Her extensive knowledge base combined with her ability to get at the root cause of recurrent issues makes her an invaluable resource in anyone’s wellness program!

— Linda Allen

Thanks, Isabelle.  I am very grateful for your help with my head pain.  I am still feeling pretty good 4 hours later.  I was the lucky recipient of your talents,  abilities, knowledge, honest caring and passion for your work.

— Peri Schultz
Groton, MA

Isabelle’s spirit of joy, peace and caring comes through from the moment you enter Sense of Balance.  She treats not only the problem areas of your physical body but the person as a whole.  It is an amazing experience and I am truly blessed that I found her.     

— Pat Hawes
Nashua, NH

I started visiting Isabelle last year when I after having pain when increasing my running distance. She’s helped me deal with the immediate pain and showed me strategies for preventing it going forward.

— Jeremy Milani
Nashua, NH

I took my wife the other day for a prenatal massage and she was very happy and very relaxed with the services. Isabelle was very nice and welcoming and made us all feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family

— Lee P.
Nashua, NH

Amazing!  Is how I feel after any of my visits to Isabelle.  Playing tennis can be hard on the legs and working at a desk can be tough on your shoulders & neck. Isabelle works her magic on these spots and she can find others spots that you’d never guess we’re connected to these spots.  Make an appointment today!    Your body will say thank you!

— Joyce Reynolds

My upper back has been troublesome for a number of years. Visiting chiros, and physical therapy provided not much relief and usually short lived. So far after just a few visits, Isabelle’s work has already allowed me to assume some activities that I thought were gone.

— Andrew Tomaszewski
Windham, NH

Isabelle was able to free my neck from pain and movement restriction in a one hour session. My neck bothered me for at least 2 years prior. Multiple efforts to solve with chiropractors, pain killers and muscle relaxers failed miserably. Super pleased with her help and recommend highly!

— Russell Flewelling

Your renovations are truly WONDERFUL. It was relaxing and nurturing being treated to such beautiful surroundings! You are a woman of exquisite taste and kindness–thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

— Lara Laveda Croft

My journey began during a toning bowl session with Isabelle Lovell. Isabelle told me to relax on the table, at which point I felt myself going back in my mind, remembering things from my life that stood out like rocks in a path.
[….] Isabelle, thank you for taking me through my journey with your singing and your magical toning bowls, because of you, I love myself, and view everything I do in a positive way. What an incredible gift.

— Bill Vanderhoof
Sandown, NH

The healing that Isabelle offers goes beyond the physical. She has the gift of nurturing body, mind and soul. After a session with Isabelle, I feel more grounded and my spirit lifted.

— Anna Ryan, MD
Manchester, NH

Isabelle helped alleviate a muscle spasm that was causing pain and making it difficult to keep up an agressive aikido training schedule, enabling me to train more often without injuring myself.

— Drew Van Zandt
Merrimack, NH

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